ILLY NOIZE (My favourite Freaks / Joyfriend)

This folksy dude from a little town in the middle of germany delivers the fun since the good old days of 99. With an addiction for vinyl and the love for soulful house and techno tunes he is always hunting for that moment which makes a night special. So when it comes to DJing he is up for some surprises taking that techno business not too seriously.
But DJing was not enough for his enthusiastic mind. Learning to produce from scratch he started to release his first tracks in 2011 on What!What! Records. The Track “What We Called Love” was a huge festival hit and was played around the globe. This was followed by tracks on Degree Records, Yuma, Telekollegen and many more.
Always searching for the right groove to catch your ear and his widely grown up musical taste he is up to shape his very own language of house and techno music.